Audio and Bitcoin Create History

speakers with cover

years old olive

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speakers with cover

History Edition

We have strived to combine history, tradition and innovation.

This unique bespoke sound system is hand-crafted upon the next-generation audio technology and equipped with top-notch audio components sourced from audiophile market leaders, such as Mundorf and WBT.

The front panels have been made from 8 centuries old olive, which grew in Calabria (Southern Italy). Wood that exclusive was kept to dry out for 30 years before going to workshop to ensure its stability.

It was procured from and crafted by Kinský Wood Design, with meticulous attention to detail. Design and premium finish was created in cooperation with accomplished architects.

speakers without cover

An 800-year-old Olive

Story attached to this unique set of speakers is what makes them valuable - we are selling history.

Front art panels, which immediately command respect, are made of solid olive wood. And 8 centuries is quite a lifespan.

This olive remembers the Byzantine Empire, Genghis Khan, founding of the University of Cambridge, signing of the Magna Carta and Marco Polo's explorations...

Middle Ages never sounded this good!

History Edition is not merely a statement. It is a milestone in history.

early world map
speakers without cover

Bitcoin and Audio

History Edition is a sound system, which represents the pinnacle of engineering. Cost was no object in the design.

Our sound engineer prodigy is the best of the best and has created engineering perfection, just like a great artist creates great art.

There has never been anything like Bitcoin throughout history. It is an innovation of human spirit, with global impact and multibillion value. It has been called „biggest invention since agriculture“. And happens to be a leading asset class in the last decade.

We only find it fitting - to combine tradition, innovation and create history.

This is the first ever exclusive bespoke design audio to be priced in Bitcoin only.

100 bitcoins is a memorable amount to guarantee a place in history.

If you are new to cryptocurrencies and have never used Bitcoin, we will be happy to assist you with the transaction.